Why We Use the King James Bible

The King James Bible was commissioned by King James I of England in 1604 A.D. and the translation was competed in 1611 A.D. Its language was updated and edited in 1814 and became known as the “Authorized Version.” This translation from the Greek text and has always been considered the most accurate of all English translations. It took 54 of the best scholars of the 17th Century, seven years to complete their work. Modern scholars as evidenced by their credentials cannot hold a candle to the KJB translators. The KJB has never been revised, but the language has been updated and it has been edited at various times to reflect changes in the English language. The words of the KJB can be proven to accurately reflect the 6000 extant Greek texts. There are variants in the text, but none deal with any doctrine, and are differences in spelling of words. Each variant of the New Testament has been carefully documented as it appears in the various manuscripts. The King James Bible has remained the Bible of English-speaking biblical Christians for over four hundred years and has stood the test of time.

Calvary Baptist Church does not use the modern versions because they all are based on the faulty work of two 19th Century liberal scholars, Westcott and Hort. Both these men were deeply involved in the occult and publicly announced they had set out to destroy the Textus Receptus and the King James Bible. Their Greek New Testament reflects their bias against the KJB and their criticism of the inspiration of the Bible.

These two men and those that have followed them, used their corrupted Greek text which was the basis of the first modern Bible, the English Revised Version of the Bible, (1885). It was based on only two Eastern (Minority) Greek texts, the Greek Sinaiticus (Aleph), dated 340 AD and the Codex Vaticanus (B) dated 325-50 AD. Both of these manuscripts plainly show they have been changed and tampered with making them a corrupt and inaccurate text. This compares to 6000 extant Western manuscripts of the Majority Text that the King James Bible reflects.

What most people do not know is these two manuscripts disagree more than thirty-four (34) times per chapter in the Gospels alone. In some of the Epistles, they disagree even more. In other words, the texts on which the modern versions are based are in gross disagreement with each other, yet our modern scholars claim they are the best texts. These two manuscripts came from Egypt which was a hotbed of heresy during the time these manuscripts were produced. They had to have been copied from accurate copies, and there is clear undisputed evidence that someone changed (corrupted) the words in the New Testament of these documents in order to support popular false doctrines of their day. Therefore, all modern versions of the English Bible are based are based on the flawed work of the Westcott-Hort critical text and and the Minority or Eastern text. There are very few differences in the Western or Majority texts from which our KJB was translated and those that exist are mostly differences in spelling. In the modern Revised English version, there were over 30,000 changes made and over 6000 changes were based on the two corrupt manuscripts noted above.

It is important to realized these changes are part of all the modern versions such as the NIV, ASV, NASV, RSV, and all other modern versions. The Aleph and B manuscripts were considered by liberal scholars to be more accurate because they are older than the western Majority Greek text (referred to as the Textus Receptus or “Received Text) from which the King James Bible was translated. This was their only criteria for using these texts that they knew were corrupt. They ignored, without question, that these Eastern texts have been tampered with and reflected a corrupted Bible and the authors of all modern translation have followed suit. On the other hand the Western Majority text is shown to date back to Syria and were used in the early Christian churches.

No creditable scholar will disagree that the Authorized King James Bible is an accurate translation of the Greek text and is proven to be completely trustworthy. This is why Calvary Baptist Church will only use the KJB because we are a Bible believing church that loves our Savior and His word. As their pastor, I have extensively studied the history of our English Bible, and its preservation and transmission. I bring to the table over ten years of formal study and three earned degrees in Bible, the last being a Ph.D. with a Bible major. I believe the reason so many churches and individuals condemn the use of the KJB is because they are ignorant of its history and content, having been misled by modern neo-evangelical and liberals, or are deliberately opposed to sound biblical truth. The bottom line is that God blesses only His preserved word and cannot bless following a corrupted Bible which is not His word.

One question that everyone should is to ask why are the Bible publishers releasing so many different versions? If the NIV, as they purport, is the best English translation, why produce more translations? To the astute Bible student, the answer is obvious. They cannot make the money from royalties on KJB because it is in public domain. Solution? Release a version that has sufficient changes from the KJB to be legally accepted as a new text and copyrighted. Their modern version all are copyrighted and they make a great deal of money from the royalties of their published Bibles.

Another thought to consider is who ultimately benefits from corrupting God’s word and causing confusion over what God inspired? That answer too is obvious. Satan, as he directs false teachers, churches, and cults brings confusion to God’s saving word.

There are many other reason for using the KJB but the limit space of this web page does not permit a comprehensive article. But the objections and criticism of those who use the modern version can be accurately and scholarly answered.

The Apostle John wrote; “I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth.” (3 John 1:4)

We challenge those who use the NIV to put their version to the test. It has been said by many that the NIV is the most readable and accurate Bible on the market today, and that it is based on older and more reliable manuscripts than the King James Bible. In regard to the above statements, an “acid test” is the only fair way to settle the matter by putting the NIV and the KJV “to the test.” So get out your NIV, a pen and take the test. When you have completed the test I encourage you to then take a KJV and take the same text and see the result. To take the test go to http://bible-truth.org/NIVtest.html .

Another challenge for those who think the NIV is a better translation. Go to “http://bible-truth.org/BibleVersions448Reasons.pdf” and with your NIV or modern translation and observe 448 reasons that show what the modern translations had done to God’s word.

Here is another challenge for the NIV. If you are serious about wanting to know the truth about the KJB read Dr. Lawrence Bednar’s article “Illustrating the Superiority of KJV Biblical Scholarship” at http://bible-truth.org/KJV-Lawerence.html.

If you get this far I challenge the NIV and modern version advocates studiously to read Dr. Otis Fullers book “Which Bible?”

Further you could call and set up an appointment to discuss the versions issue.

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